At HPI Northwest Surgical Hospital, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis. We are closely following information and guidance provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We are prepared should a case of COVID-19 present at one of our facilities; however, we ask for the public’s help to prevent the spread.

We ask individuals experiencing flu-like symptoms to call your health care provider before physically heading to the hospital, clinics or the emergency room. If an individual is seriously ill and requires urgent attention because of significant respiratory symptoms (severe shortness of breath, etc.) or other critical symptoms, then we are happy to provide care at any of our facilities.

NEW VISITATION POLICY (Updated 12/13/21)

The health and safety of our patients, families, and employees are our top priority. We continue to evaluate our visitor policy to allow people to safely visit their loved one while receiving care. Everyone entering the facility must wear a mask and follow physical distancing requirements. Please review the following guidelines about our visitation policy:  

Surgery Patients:

•    Two (2) Patient Representative per adult patient.

•    Patient representative(s) may be interchanged with one another over the course of the patient stay.

•    A minor patient (under 18 years old) will be allowed two (2) patient representatives in the Pre-Op and Post-Op area.

•    Please note that all minors will be included in the count for visitation, regardless of age.  Due to space limitations, a parent and child will not be able to accompany the patient in the pre/post area. If the child is unable to be left unsupervised, both will need to wait in the lobby until discharged or moved to a patient room.


Adult inpatients will be allowed to have two (2) Patient Representatives in the patient room and will need to remain in the room; standing or congregating in the hall is not permissible.

Outpatient appointments and procedures including Pain Management / Gastroenterology / Pre-Admission Testing/ Laboratory/ Imaging Services: 

•    Patients will be allowed to have one (1) Patient Representative provided waiting room space is available.

•    Due to space limitations in the Pain Management department, Patient Representatives are not permitted to accompany the patient to the pre/post op area.

Emergency Room: 

ER patients will be allowed to have two (2) Patient Representative with them in the patient room; standing or congregating in the hall is not permissible.

All Community Hospitals and campuses are Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free.